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D99 Beige Coucou39
D99 Beige Coucou39
D99 Beige Coucou39

    D99 Beige Coucou39

    2,550.00 บาท


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      Dry Happens

      Should clean by rubber. Just remove dark small spot in one way along fabric.


      Wet Happens

      Avoid wearing your satin shoes in wet weather , be sure to dry them properly rather than simply leaving them to air-dry (a hairdryer on the lowest heat and gentle mode will do the trick) A cotton ball can work well to soak off excess water before drying the residue.

      In hard case you can use dry clean shampoo but the best way avoid getting wet.


      01. Why you need 3 inches height

      3 inches is the ideal height for people who are starting to wear high heels or People who are frequently wearing high heels, since it is a not very high height, it can be worn on a variety of occasions or worn all day. While wearing it, it straightens the back and also strengthens the wearer's confidence.

      02. Will wearing high heels all day long hurt my feet?

      Since we understood the problem of being afraid of shoe bites. That's why the shoe has been designed with an open back for comfort and a banded foot line for a confident feel with every step. But I don't feel pain or hold back because we hide the elastic part. therefore moving along the feet

      03. Is it a pointed head that will squeeze your feet?

      Darlin's shoes are specially designed to keep the shape of your feet beautiful. We have developed and developed a pattern that is suitable for Asian women's feet. The material is made of 100% pure silk and the lining is 100% sheepskin to protect the feet during use. Satisfaction guaranteed with good sales for 3 consecutive years

      04. Can I change the size?

      Can change the size without using it.

      05. What should I do if the shoe jewelry is lost, lost or damaged?

      For the diamond part Darlin takes care of it and replaces it throughout its lifespan.

      06. After placing an order, how can I check the shipment status of the product?

      If order via website, we will send tracking to your email address. registered Or you can ask for details via line official: @darlinjewelry