Our origin is “To give you an unbeliveable confident in every moment and place” We would like to give everyone outstanding and to be a part of your mermoriable moment in life.

Let's start the journey...
Flash, one of the executives of Darlin Company, told about her graduating from high school and having a party to celebrate.
This party gave Flash the feeling of wanting to wear heels for the first time because she began to grow up to be a young woman and needed confidence.
Therefore, she convinced her mother to buy them because the high-heeled shoes were like symbols of beauty. The confidence is the most critical moment,
but only wearing it for 1 hour feels sore. The scar on her foot is still affecting her mind until this day, including the lost confidence...
Flash has the intent and determination to develop shoes that are not just beautiful. But they must be comfortable Because shoes are a helper to build
confidence in daily life. Every moment of life and that feeling was so memorable. If you have a good pair of shoes
Mission and Vision
We focus on developing pain-free footwear products through the production technology that is meticulous by hand at the machine, which can't be done
for quality and first-rate comfort. Our main goal continues to build confidence with a beautiful design that meets our daily lifestyles as we grow and change.
We strive to develop the model of shoe production quality. Technology and experimentation will help improve and create a positive experience for all
women at every stage of life.


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