Available 29/9/22  20:00

“Shoes that can wear every day can be beautiful every day”

Beautiful in 360 degrees

Beautiful in 360 degrees

Darlin picked up a 2" kitten heel that many girls like because it's easy to use without overthinking. Wear it all day. It's still beautiful and not tiring. But It makes a slight heel to increase the height and confidence.

Unlimited crystal technical crystal on the front and the strings make the feet shine, including the lower heel area where Darlin still uses glitter techniques. Make it beautiful in 360 degrees.

Extraordinary shine with techniques decorated with small diamonds throughout the shoe including the heel and even the sole of shoes. 100% imported super-soft sheepskin both inside and outside.

Buying a pair of DARLIN high heels gets free heart. It is a small pillow that DARLIN specially made from the hearts of all DARLIN team.

Make every girl higher without pain, we focus on comfort

Witout pain to want to add a unique
experience for every customer

Available on: Thursday September 29, 2022
Time 20.00 (GMT+7)