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Be more relaxed


The story of the 2022 edition of Brunch made an impression. Crystal-embellished clear shoes become the shoes every girl must have in her shoe closet.

This summer, Darlin developed the Brunch version to be more relaxed. With a low heel of only 1.5 centimeters, ready to wear to be beautiful with customers anytime, anywhere.

"Brunch Zero" flats
The material is made of 100% genuine sheepskin inside. The primary material is Super soft PVC that adheres to the skin and is decorated with crystals around the pair and a 3D bow that adds a distinctive look to this pair of shoes.

Buying a pair of DARLIN high heels gets free heart. It is a small pillow that DARLIN specially made from the hearts of all DARLIN team.
To give to all customersto take care of your customers' shoes beautiful for a long time.


Q: Does the shoe shape squeeze?
A: Darlin's shoe shape--we have been making shoe mannequins since 2017. Through experience, we discovered that women's feet on each continent differ, making us want to be creative and develop comfortable shoes suitable for Asian girls especially. So we focus on keeping the forefoot that is quite wide. But must not be squeezed when wearing. Because wearing beautiful Darlin shoes is not enough. But must also be comfortable

Q: Will diamonds fall off easily?
A: Diamonds are not easy to fall off, and we use heat to create these shoes. But we must request to study what happens If the customer touches an object hard may result in damage to the crystal. And Darlin will have a spare diamond to put in the box in case something like this happens too.

Q: Do you have to be sizing up?
A: You can choose the actual size.

Q: Will the plastic be yellow?
A: It depends on the usage and customers. We recommended to clean it every time after use because it will cause dirt or sweat to get stuck in the shoes. We recommended using a wet tissue to wipe the inside, just the PVC area, and brush with a dry tissue. Let it dry completely to extend the service life and maintain the beauty of the shoes for a long time.

Q: What are the two free hearts?
A: It is a small pillow that Darlin intends to make to represent Darlin. To help care for, maintain, and push the shoe shape when the customer is not using it. Always be beautiful to increase service life and preserve the shoe shape's beauty.

Q: When are Brunch Zero products delivered?
A: We ship by March 20, 2023. If there is a faster change, we will inform you immediately. The shipment depends on the order number in the order of the queue.

"We are providing after-sale service by reparing crystals in Thailand for free.

Price: 5150 Baht

Size: 35-42

Available on: Tuesday 28 February, 2023
Time 20.00 (GMT+7)

Ship by March 20, 2023