Available 06/28  20:00

Have you ever? I have to go out to meet my friends, but I'm too lazy to dress up. A new shoe item from DARLIN that shines from afar will complement your outfit.

The transparency of ultra-soft PVC, soft to the touch, and the sparkle of crystal embellish them both on DARLIN's new symbol, the 3D bow shape, enhances every step of the way out of the house. With confident! Put on DARLIN, and let's go, beautiful.

3D bow-shaped symbol decorated with crystals. Height 3 inches, wearable shoe style. easy to wear

The transparency and radiance of crystal make it possible to match any outfit's look. Whether working, dining, or going to a party, it's easy to put on without a second thought.

Buying a pair of DARLIN high heels gets a heart. It is a small pillow that DARLIN specially made from the hearts of all DARLIN team. To give to all customers to take care of your customers' shoes beautiful for a long time.

How to use: Put the heart in the shoe to keep the shoe shape nicely.

Price: 5350 BAHT SIZE: 35-42
Available on: Tuesday June 28, 2022
Time 20.00 (GMT+7)
Delivery Date: Ship by 4th July 2022